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Success Stories
What Our Amazing Clients Say


Solja, 28

Since I began attending Free Flo Fit, there has never been a shortage in energy. Every Saturday I bring my body, whether it is in person or through zoom, and the personal trainers bring the action. If you are passionate about getting fit and improving your mental, physical, and social health, Free Flo Fit is the best investment you can ever make for your well-being. My health has improved drastically because I am being pushed to challenge myself to be better. This organization is passionate about being fit and having fun while doing it. Overall, they came, they saw and they delivered. 

Shontia is knowledgeable about fitness and is well-rounded. Anytime I have a question, she confidently provides me with information to help improve and apply each Saturday and every day to my individual sessions as well. Ada brings the fire in a workout you will never forget. Her knowledge and muscle focus brings the heat from beginning to end. Lastly, Jerald brings a different tempo that pushes you to break past your limits. 

Free Flo Fit, is giving back to its community in the best way imaginable. They are giving back to their community by providing resources and exercise to help our growing population combat not only obesity but the rise in chronic illnesses. As someone who has had asthma from a young age into adulthood, Free Flo Fit has helped improve my breathing and has helped decrease my likelihood of having another attack. If you look at the mission of Free Flo fit and its vision many would ask, “Well, why do they do this?”. I can bring it back to a time when the term of creating “Why” we want to get fit. Shontia provided a great example of the difference between a long-term why and a temporary why. During the conversation, she made a statement that resonated as to what a temporary why gives you: 


“A temporary Why will always give a person temporary results”. 


It was made clear that Free Flo FIt is the long-term ‘why’ for the trainers and myself. This organization goes beyond them and reaches out to the community we live in by promoting growth and health that can be passed down to future generations.That being said, if you are looking for a welcoming, knowledgeable, inclusive, passionate group to work out with. Join Free Flo Fit, they’ll get you right and make sure you enjoy the journey to a better; more healthy life for you and your family.

Uloma, 26

Free Flo Fit has been a blessing for me. I am grateful knowing that this group of four black fitness trainers commit their time and energy every Saturday to helping people like me better our health journey. As we all know, representation matters. I enjoy getting and STAYING fit because of my brothers and sisters showing the way and always affirming us that we are capable of anything and that we are strong. Thank you Free Flo Fit for pouring into me.


Valerie, 26

I have been attending Free Flo Fit workouts and one on one training with Adaeze for 2 months now. I thoroughly enjoy how challenging each class is yet is beginner-friendly. Each challenging move has modifications so everyone at different fitness levels can participate fairly. I will continue to attend Free Flo Fit workouts and training from Adaeze and will recommend others to do so. They get 5 stars from me!

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